Next Step Towards Obtaining Immigration Reform

Immigration reform continues to be a hot topic subject despite the contention it has generated both on Capitol Hill and within the general public.

Back in June of 2013, the Senate was finally able to pass what many considered to be a comprehensive immigration reform bill; however, that bill has all but withered away in the House. One of the Senate bill's authors is even asking lawmakers to sign a discharge petition which would force the House's hand and require the Speaker to bring the bill to a vote.

Numerous business owners and groups throughout the state – including various chambers of commerce, companies in the tech industry, the agricultural industry and certain churches – have also expressed their desire to see the House vote on a reform bill during the 2014 year.

There are six House Republicans in the state of New York who have gotten behind some form of immigration legislation. While these New York state representatives are pushing to see the bill brought to a vote before the end of 2014, they do not necessarily agree that a discharge petition should be used to force a vote. Most believe that there is not enough support for the bill as it currently stands, so the general consensus is that action is more likely to be taken in 2015, or at least before the next presidential election takes place.

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