Susan Friedland, Esq.

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Susan Friedland, Esq. is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School and an integral member of the Portela Law Firm litigation team. The Portela Law Firm, PC accepts Family Law, Matrimonial, Landlord/Tenant, and Civil Disputes. Ms. Friedland and Mr. Portela collaborate in providing exceptional and reliable services to individuals and small businesses in court. With more than 20 years of experience in matrimonial and family law, she has successfully represented men and women in complex divorces and family law disputes as well as all aspects of family and matrimonial matters. In addition, she is a seasoned litigator in Landlord/Tenant matters and Civil disputes. Ms. Friedland prides herself on being accessible and sensitive to her client's legal needs. The Portela Law Firm is privileged to have Susan Friedland on its legal team.