Revisión de Documentos Ponga El Conocimiento Y La Experiencia en Su Esquina

Revisión de Documentos

The Portela Law Firm P.C. is a New York based law firm devoted to meeting your discovery needs. Our specialty is implementation and management of document review projects. We can handle cases all projects relating to document reviews. Our areas of expertise are the review of subpoenas, trial preparation, government regulations, OSHA, Work Compensation and Department of Labor related reviews.

The Portela Law Firms, P.C. believe that preparation is the most important part of any project. Prior to the start of any project, our Attorneys and staff will consult you on your requirements. Only after a thorough analysis and assessment of each case will we begin your document review process. With careful planning and management, our clients will receive time-lines, and cost projections in order to manage court deadlines and stay within their prospective budgets.

Frequently it is because of inexperienced or impatient attorneys that often dismiss the significance of a comprehensive review of documents for relevance, confidentiality, and privileged information. The Portela Law Firm P.C. will guide your review project carefully with planning, and all-inclusive training.

As part of your document review project we will provide:

  • Drafts of manuals based on the needs of your case;
  • Perform reviews of potentially privileged information logs;
  • Provide status reports to keep you up to date of the process
  • Provide on-site supervisors to administer the review process
  • Provide quality checking procedures during each critical stage of the review

** All projects are slightly different in their own unique way. Custom tailoring can and will be implemented for the needs of your project. Give us a call for a consultation. **

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