Tips to Avoid Delays in Immigration Processes

Immigrants coming into America or already living here face a wide range of difficulties that citizens may not be aware of. In particular, the notoriously slow pace of the immigration system and the processing of laws pertaining to it can be incredibly frustrating. A minor issue that should only require a single court date can be dragged out into weeks, months, or even years due to complications.

The good news is that most of those complications and delays are entirely avoidable. Having an understanding of the immigration laws and system of the United States and knowing what you need ahead of time can help speed things up.

If you are an immigrant or resident experiencing a complication with immigration law, take a look at these helpful steps and tips:

  1. Know the Visa You Need: Applying for an immigration visa is not as simple as declaring that you want to enter and live in the United States. You will need to know what type of visa – there are many variations – works best for what you are trying to achieve. Study the ones you think might apply sooner than later to get started.
  2. Get Information from Everyone: Are you planning on entering the country with some of your family members? The immigration offices will need to know just as much about them as they do about you. Prepare a docket with all necessary information and identification for all parties.
  3. Be Honest and Cooperative: One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working with immigration offices or officers is to be dishonest or try to hide information. There is no way to sidestep their investigations and questions and being uncooperative is only going to make another delay.
  4. Be Open to Options: What you imagined would be the right solution for you might not be exactly the same thing you achieve in the end of your immigration case. For example, you may require an immigration visa you had never heard about before. Don’t assume that a different option is the wrong one.
  5. Hire an Attorney: Probably more important than all the other tips on this list, you should hire an immigration law attorney. Not only can they help you with the situations brought up in tips 1 through 4, but they can also take on any other unforeseen complications on your behalf. Hiring a trustworthy lawyer is like immediately gaining a vast knowledge of immigration law and procedures.

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