Four Steps to Take After an Arrest

The circumstances behind the police’s decision to detain, arrest, and charge you for a suspected crime will always be completely unique. Preparing your defense can seem like an unpredictable challenge then, but this is not the case. The protection of your rights as someone who has been criminally accused begins the moment law enforcement agents arrest you, and arguably the moment they start questioning you. Whether you are cuffed for a drug crime, a theft crime, or a violent crime – any sort of criminal accusation – there will always be four steps you should follow to increase your chances of a beneficial outcome.

  1. Stay Quiet: The biggest mistake someone can make while the police question them about an alleged crime is talking too much. You never know what keywords the officers are listening for, or what little detail can incriminate you. Silence is your golden best friend in times like these, and you should only answer basic questions, such as “What is your name?”
  2. Remain Respectful: Police officers are only doing their jobs when they come to arrest or question you. Courtesy and cooperation can go a long way to show them that you respect their line of work and that you do not want any trouble. Losing your cool or insulting the police is an easy way to appear suspicious and give them more reason to bring you back to the station.
  3. Ask for Your Attorney: Maybe you were quiet and kindhearted but were arrested anyway? Try not to take it personally and don’t worry. When you arrive at the station, request your phone call and make certain you dial the number of a trusted criminal defense attorney. The sooner you can get legal representation defending you, the better off you’ll be.
  4. Ask About Bail: Unless you make a point to ask the jailor or clerk about your bail amount, they might not set one for you. If you are not comfortable with this process or are not sure what a fair bail amount would be, have your lawyer handle this for you. Either way, you should consider paying bail so you do not have to sit around for days or more in jail. Remember: if you show up for all court dates relevant to your arrest, you will be getting that money back.

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